Running pace calculator
Every time I tried to find one of these before going on a run, they were either overcomplicated or they didn't really do what I expected them to do. That was a good enough reason for a little weekend project, so I built this. The math checks out, which was the main goal. Some day I'll give it its own pretty home, for now it'll live here.

The most played card game in my family, with some custom rules of course (as befits any good family game). After keeping score on paper for years I decided to make our lives a little easier by building this. It's pretty barebones, but it works. Includes a little surprise when you calculate the winner!

This was part of During this challenge, a bunch of people tried to make an idea into something tangible within 24 hours. My goal at the time was to learn JavaScript, so I butchered a Firebase template into this. Very basic and looks horrible, but a nice challenge. Oh and I streamed the whole thing, you can check out a 20x sped up version here.